Specialised Asset Based Finance


Advantages of renting

  • Rentals can be tailored to your individual needs. We can use annual escalation in line with inflation and reduce the initial rentals


  • Monthly rentals of capital equipment are an affordable option allowing you the use of the equipment without any capital outlay.


  • Ex VAT rentals are 100% tax deductible as an operating expense in your income statement which would then reduce your income tax obligations.
  • Capital financed is not placed on your balance sheet as a long-term liability, thus return on asset ratios are improved. and do not have to be capitalized like a lease. This would benefit you when a bank needs to assess your financial position
  • As rentals are an operating expense and not capital expense, they are not governed by capital expenditure budgets.
  • As rentals are off balance sheet, your equity/ current/ return on assets ratios are improved and do not have to be capitalized like a lease.
  • You will be entitled to deduct VAT paid from VAT collected which will result in a major saving.
  • VAT is claimed back monthly, and thus is not capitalized over the period.
  • You have the option of upgrading the equipment before the end of the contract thereby providing the flexibility to change in line with modern technology.
  • Further on-going rental secured by the inclusion of a simple upgrade option free of additional VAT on the original equipment.
  • Allow businesses to keep up with lastest technology.
  • Software can be included on rentals but not on a lease.
  • No deposit is required on a rental agreement.
  • At the end of initial rental period you can continue renting the equipment for a nominal amount per annum.


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