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Our mission at Technofin is to build mutually beneficial asset based financing solutions between our clients and  our finance partners. We strive to add value through our expertise, loyalty and integrity, in order to create long-term growth and consistent performance to client requirements.

Specialised Product Knowledge

Technofin staff has the experience, skills and expertise to provide a wide range of balanced services in financial, sales and credit.

Flexibility / Structuring

Transactions can be taylormade to suit the clients’ financial needs.
“Upgrade” equipment to keep up to date with advancements in technology.
Extend your contract if equipment is still of use to you at end of intial period.

Insurance Cover

Technofin can assist client to obtain insurance options if they do not have their own insurance broker for equipment. 

Credit Line

Technofin can establish credit line facilities for blue chip clients according to their needs and budget.

Integrity / Confidentiality

All information concerning your business is treated as private and confidential as prescribed by POPI Act No 4 of 2000.

Pricing & Cash Management

Technofin offers competitive rental financing, Improves your cashflow. Leave capital free for other investments. Protect existing lines of credit.


On expiry of a contract by effluxion of time or on settlement, the contract may be continued indefinitely with the client or the goods returned to the supplier.

Customer Contracts & Process

Technofin obtains all rental applications, documentations and relevant information from the client. Prepare the credit application for submission to credit facilities. Credit decisions are made within 48 hours. Master rental agreements are drafted with supporting documents for signatures.  

Terms of Agreements

Rental periods can vary from 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months. IT equipment, laptop rentals over 36 months.


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