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Postal Address of Landlord

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I/We declare that to the best of my/our knowledge and belief, the particulars set out in this application are true and correct, and that no additional
information has been withheld.
Consent to Process Personal Information:
In terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (“POPIA”), Technofin (Pty) Ltd is obliged to obtain the consent of the person or entity set out
above (“the Applicant”) to process all personal information of Applicant as defined within POPIA (“the Personal Information”).
Therefore, the Applicant expressly consents and agrees that Technofin (Pty) Ltd may:
• make enquiries of whatever nature with any third party including without limiting; credit bureaus to confirm and verify any Personal Information
received from the Applicant. Collect and process the Personal Information for purposes of providing the services provided in terms of a rental
agreement entered into directly with the Applicant or which may be by the Applicant with a supplier and which agreement was subsequently ceded to
Technofin (Pty) Ltd and to administer and maintain the business relationship with the Applicant; entered into
• process and disclose the Personal Information for the following purposes:
• the prevention, detection and reporting of fraud and criminal activities including money laundering activities;
• in compliance with any legal obligation;
• to any person providing services to or requiring services from or representative, agent or supplier of Technofin (Pty) Ltd
• to any entity or person that may cede or assign to Technofin (Pty) Ltd an agreement with the Applicant;
• determining the creditworthiness of the Applicant and retain and utilise the Personal Information for credit record and scoring purposes;
• marketing to and business opportunities with related entities of Technofin (Pty) Ltd.

I/WE CONSENT TO Technofin (Pty) Ltd (“Technofin”) or its cessionary making enquiries about my/our credit record with any credit reference agency and any other party to confirm the details on this application. Technofin or its cessionary may also provide credit reference agencies with regular updates regarding how I/we manage my/our account, including my/our failure to meet agreed terms and conditions., I/we consent that credit reference agencies may, in turn, make the records and details available to other credit grantors. Technofin or its cessionary may also give this information to any person who in its opinion needs it to carry out any of Technofin or its cessionary’s rights or duties in terms of the contract or any law pertaining to the products I/we have requested.

I certify that the above details are true and correct

Maximum file size: 33.55MB

(1) Copy of Bank Confirmation Letter and Company Letterhead
(2) Copy of Company documents (CK1 and/or Certificate of Inc)
(3) Copy of Directors/Members/Individuals’ Identity Documents
(4) Brief profile on your Company
(5) Latest Annual Financial info and 3 months Bank statements
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Benefits of renting


Rentals can be tailored to your individual needs. We can use annual escalation in line with inflation and reduce the initial rentals

Rentals are 100% tax deductible

You will be entitled to deduct VAT paid from VAT collected which will result in a major saving

As rentals are an operating expense and not capital expense, they are not governed by capital expenditure budgets

Software can be included on rentals but not on a lease

Further on-going rental secured by the inclusion of a simple upgrade option free of additional VAT on the original equipment

No deposit is required on a rental agreement

As rentals are off balance sheet, your equity/ current/ return on assets ratios are improved and do not have to be capitalized like a lease

At the end of initial rental period you can continue renting the equipment for a nominal amount per annum

Allow businesses to keep up with lastest technology


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